Director Message

Dear Readers,

NAMASTHE! Welcome to the website of SEVAGRAM(Village of Service)! I am glad that you have come across our website. Thank you for your interest to read it.

SEVAGRAM is a residential Special School for the rehabilitation of the mentally challenged (differently abled) children and youth, girls and boys. It is a social project of the St. Joseph’s Province (Kottayam) of the C.M.I. Congregation, actively involved in education, social and pastoral fields. Though run by the CMI religious Congregation Sevagram keeps its secular character giving service to the people of all religions, creeds and castes. Sevagram is an inter-religious community, believing that every human being is a child of God. The inmates of Sevagram live together, eat together, play together, work together and pray together. We live and enjoy inter-religious harmony, we care for environmental protection.

OUR MISSION is to enable the mentally challenged to develop the different talents hidden in them and to become productive members of the society having full human dignity and rights.

THE INSPIRATION to start this social project comes from the words of Jesus Christ, “Whatever you do to the least one of mine, you are doing it to myself only” (Mt. 25,40) and from the exhortation of the founder of the CMI Saint Chavara: “There should not be a single day in your life without doing some good to others” and from the ancient wisdom of India: “Manavaseva-Madhavaseva” (Service to humanity is service to God).

We welcome you to join us in our movement for the integral and holistic liberation of the poor and marginalised with a heart full of love for others. Let us experience GOD in our poor sisters and brothers. May God bless us all!