Education and voluntary service

Regular classes for learning and writing — Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy and Logotherapy — Cultural activities like music, band, dance, drama celebrating feasts — sports and games — Participation in competitions on school-, district-, state — and interstate levels — excursions/picnics - Yoga course — self-help-groups — vocational and skill training — classes for environmental awareness —training in organic farming


We follow the syllabus of the National Institute for the mentally challenged, namely 3 R's (Reading, writing and Arithmetic). Children of varying levels of mental growth —good, moderate, very limited - are admitted to the school .

The classes are divided into 5 groups on the basis of age and I.Q. Vocational training is given to the senior students. The classes are divided into 5 sections. They are pre-primary, primary, secondary, pre-vocational and vocational levels.

We undertake assessment and evaluation of students covering case-history, intellectual, emotional, therapeutic, vocational and, behavioural development.

Voluntary service in Sevagram

We welcome those who would like to render free service to the mentally challenged in Sevagram for a period of 6 to 12 months. They will be given free boarding and lodging. For further details contact the director of Sevagram.

Donations to support the training of the mentally challenged in Sevagram

All donations will be used only for the rehabilitation programmes for the mentally challenged. Sponsors, who are willing to finance the training of a mentally challenged child are welcome. Contact the Director.